God of War (PS)

Developers: SCE Santa Monica Studio

Publishers: Sony Computer Entertainment JP Capcom

Platform: Playstation

Genre: Hack & slash, action-adventure

Modes: Single-player

Release date: March 22th 2005

Short review

The God of War seem to be really exciting game for PS console. You are playing in the role of spartan hero by the name of Kratos. By the influence of Ares, Kratos forcefully kills his own family. Kratos is then sent by the goddess Athena to kill Ares, the God of War, who also besige her patronage city of Athens. Now, I never really played God of War first hand so I'll try to be objective. What I've seen and heard from my friends and also pro commentators on youtube, the Game is really worth playing. Every aspect of the game is made to perfection, whether it's the story, fighting, solving puzzles or the graphics which are said to be detailed to perfection. The stats speak for themselves as this is the tenth-best selling Playstation 2 game of all time. Over 4,6 milions copies were sold in the past and it won several Game of the Year awadrs. Enough said, it's best to watch this review youtube clip.

Trailer and Gameplay