Troy (2004)

Starring: Brad Pitt as Achilles, Orlando Bloom as Paris, Diane Kruger as Helen, Eric Bana as Hector, Brian Cox as Agamemnon, Sean Bean as Odysseus, Brendan Gleeson as Menelaus, Rose Byrne as Briseis

Director: Wolfgang Petersen

Production: Warner Bros

Genre: Adventure | Drama | History

Language: English

Runtime: 163 min | 196 min (extended version)

Short review (Spoilers Alert)

I've recently seen the movie again and I have to say that it's quite interesting to see after reading the Iliad and the Odyssey. Only thing that I missed in the movie, was participation of the Gods in the plot and in the battle itself. Of course, there are lot of things which are skipped in the movie, but you can't expect all of them in two and a half hour long movie. There were also some things which are twisted in the movie to make it more interesting, such as the death of Achilles when he dies inside a Troy which is not true and the death of Agamemnon who does not, I repeat, does not die until reaching his home in Mycenae! Menelaus also does not die in Troy and is described in the Odyssey to have returned back to Sparta with Helen. There are more twists, but I'm not posting this to critise the movie. I thought it was quite fun to watch, because apart from all mistakes and without participation of the Gods (with the exception of Thetis), they made the main story right. I also enjoyed the effects of the movie and the fight of Achilles which seemed very semi-god like. The acting of the main characters is also great and looked genuine, especially the charachter of Odysseus, played by Sean Bean. Although having quite obscure role in this movie, he did great and I hope they make the remake of the Odyssey with Sean as the main actor. It could be good. Anyway, as a Greek mythology fan, I recommend seeing this movie.