Other Greek Deities

Beside the elder gods and the main gods, there were other divine beings in Greek mythology. Some of these deities were of primeval origin from Hesiod's Theogony while others were, directly or indirectly, the descendants of either Titans or Olympian gods. They were also immortal and had divine powers, but were not as important as the Titans and Olympian gods. These deities are called minor deities or minor gods.

Note: Although in this section these are supposed to be lesser deities in Greek Mythology, I also included some of the more important gods of Titan's and Olympians' generation who don't have their own content yet. (For example; Poseidon can also be interpreted as water deity, but is also a very important Olympian god)

There are six main groups which the Greek divine beings, from primeval Gods, Titans and Olympians, to minor gods and creatures of divine origin, can be sorted in. However, as I have said earlier, this category will exclude Titans, Olympians and Mythical creatures.

Agricultural deities
Chthonic deities
Health deities
Deities related to agriculture
Deities which featured in the underworld
Deities related with healing or bringing illness and curses
Rustic deities
Sky deities
Water deities
Deities with the power to control the elements of countryside
Deities with the power to control the elements of sky
Deities with the power to control the elements of salt and fresh water