Agricultural deities

These deities or gods are related to agricultural rituals, inventions and all knowledge of agriculture that was known to the Greeks at the time. Most of them are also associated with mystery cults, such as Eleusinian mysteries or Arcadian mysteries.

Adonis - mortal god of beauty and desire. He was known to be having an endless annual life-death-rebirth cycle and is most known for having relationship with Aphrodite and Persephone. Well, in other words, he was the subject of a quarrel between the goddesses.

Aphaea - minor goddess of agriculture and fertility. She was worshiped almost only at a single sanctuary on the island of Aegina in the Saronic Gulf.

Carme - female Cretan spirit who presided over the harvest festival.

Carmanor - Cretan harvest semi-god. He was a consort of Demeter with whom he had a son Eubuleus. He was later killed by jealous Zeus who had struck him with a thunderbolt.

Cyamites - semi-god of beans who had a sanctuary on the sacred road to Eleusis. He was a part of Eleusinian mysteries, where he presided over the cultivation of beans. And his name has been interpreted as the god of beans and a patron of the bean market.

Despoina - goddess of mysteries in Arcadia. A daughter of Poseidon and Demeter also participated in Eleusinian mysteries even though her role in the rites remains unknown.

Eunostus - goddess of mills. She was believed to keep watch over the just weight of flour.

Persephone - goddess of spring growth who was worshiped alongside Demeter in the Eleusinian mysteries. She was also a wife of Hades and therefore a Queen of the Underworld. Despite living in the realm of the dead, she was allowed to spend two thirds of the year with her mother.

Philomelus - agricultural semi-god inventor of the wagon and the plough. He was a son of Demeter and Iasion and had a brother Plutus who was very rich but didn't want to share his wealth with anyone, even his family. Philomenus then bought two oxen and supported himself by inventing a plough to work his fields and cultivating crops. He has also invented the wagon which helped him moving crops.

Plutus - god of wealth, including agricultural wealth. He was a son of Demeter and Iasion and was regarded as divine child in the theology of the Eleusinian mysteries.