Age of Mythology (Gold edition)

Developers: Ensemble Studios

Publishers: Microsoft Game Studios, Macsoft

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X

Genre: Real-time strategy

Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer

Release date: June 30th 2004

Short review

Age of Mythology is a real-strategy based game, very similar to the Age of Empires III. The only difference is that you can build a Temple where you can put your workers to pray, so that you can collect the favours and then use them for either spells or training mythical creatures. Apart from that its just like AOE. You cut wood, mine gold and gather food by hunting animals, farming, fishing or collecting natural fruits. There is also a town hall which can be upgraded when reaching needed requirements and upgrading it gets you to the next era. There are four different Eras. Archaic age, Classical age, Heroic age and Mythic age. You can choose from three different races (Greeks, Egyptian and Norse) which have unique Gods. And worshipping a certain god, gets you unique spells and unique mythical creatures. In addition you can also choose an elder race of Atlanteans who have the Titans for their main Gods. Although being a neat game, I really never got into it that much. I only played the main quest where you start on your main island of Atlantis and get attacked by pirates and sea-monsters way to the gates of Troy where you have to help Agamemnon to conquer the city.

Apart from the classic strategy gameplay, I thought that the graphics and effects were outstanding for the game of 2004. I would say that it's a game worth of try. And if nothing else, you are at least being introduced in Greek mythology, get to learn about mythical creatures, heroes and some of the events from Greek mythology.

Trailer and Gameplay