About this website

Hi, my name is Borut Šimon and I`m a web developer from Slovenia. I studied mathematics, computer science and economics, but never really made it. Instead of pursuing university degree, I went into website business with my friends, where I basically am today. The knowledge and experience, I gained during this time, was priceless. And If I were to choose again, I would probably follow the same path. Anyway, these days I decided to unite my work and passion, because it`s what I always wanted and I`m glad to had taken a step in this direction.

Currently I`m both author and publisher of all the content on this website but that may change in the future and if so I will provide additional information accordingly. Right now I`m also working on a side project that will be a sort of platform for this website where all of my work will be stored and sources provided so you may expect an overhaul of the existing content. Some of the work has already been done so I will link it to the sources, rest is in the process so please be patient because it is a very slow and time consuming work.


Aelian - On the Characteristics of Animals, translated by Alwyn Faber Scholfield

Aeschylus - Prometheus Bound, translated by Herbert Weir Smyth

Aeschylus - Prometheus Unbound, translated by Herbert Weir Smyth

Aeschylus - Seven against Thebes, translated by Herbert Weir Smyth

Apollodorus - The Library, translated by James George Frazer

Apollonius Rhodius - Argonautica, translated by Robert Cooper Seaton

Callimachus - Hymns and Epigrams, Lycophron and Aratus, translated by Alexander William Mair

Claudian - Rape of Proserpine, translated by Maurice Platnauer

Clement - Exhortations, translated by George William Butterworth

Clement - Recognitions, translated by Rev. Thomas Smith

Diodorus Siculus - Library of History, translated by Charles Henry Oldfather

Fulgentius - Mythologies, translated by Leslie George Whitbread

Hesiod - The Theogony, translated by Hugh Gerard Evelyn-White

Hesiod - Works and Days, translated by Hugh Gerard Evelyn-White

Homer - The Odyssey, translated by Ian Johnston

Homer - The Iliad, translated by Ian Johnston

Homeric hymns, translated by Hugh Gerard Evelyn-White

Hyginus - Astronomica, translated by Mary Grant

Hyginus - Fables, translated by Mary Grant

Nonnus - Dionysiaca, translated by William Henry Denham Rouse

Orphic hymns, translated by Thomas Taylor

Ovid - Fasti, translated by James George Fazer

Ovid - Heroides, translated by Grant Showerman

Ovid - Metamorphoses, translated by Brookes More

Pausanias - Descriptions of Greece, translated by William Henry Samuel Jones

Pindar - Isthmian Odes, translated by Diane Arnson Svarlien

Plato - Protagoras, translated by William Heinemann

Plutarch - Lives I, Theseus and Romulus, Lycurgus and Numa, Solon and Publicola, translated by Bernadotte Perrin

Publius Papinius Statius - Achilleid, translated by John Henry Mozley

Publius Papinius Statius - Thebaid, translated by John Henry Mozley

Quintus Smyrnaeus - The Fall of Troy, translated by Arthur Sanders Way

Valeurs Flaccus - Argonautica, translated by John Henry Mozley

Virgil - Aeneid, translated by Henry Rushton Fairclough

Virgil - Ecologes, translated by Henry Rushton Fairclough

Virgil - Georgics, translated by Henry Rushton Fairclough





Web design

I have to say special thanks to my friend Uroš Forjanič who transferred the idea of design into reality.


Picture of Coeus, on the titans page, was provided by Chamakoso from www.deviantart.com

Picture of Themis, on the titans page, was provided by KareemsBlackbook from www.deviantart.com

Picture of Tethys, on the titans page, was provided by Irasan from www.deviantart.com

Picture of the temple of Artemis Orthia, on Sparta page, was provided by Andrew from his website www.civilisation.org.uk

Picture of Sky deities, on the other deities page, is a snapshot from the movie called Take shelter.

Picture of Automatons, on the mythical creatures page, is a snapshot from the movie of Jason and the Argonauts.

Pictures of Agricultural deities and Water deities, on other deities page, and picture of Iapetus, on the titans page, were awkwardly composed by myself. Looking for replacements. If you have any and are willing to share, contact me.

The rest of the images were taken from public domains. About 90% of images were gathered on Wikimedia commons. About 9% were gathered on Mythology wikia and Greek Mythology wikia. The rest were gathered on other public domains.